Natacha Gomez

Disaster Relief Work and Activism

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Building Resilience: Natacha Gomez's Journey in Disaster Relief

Natacha Gomez is a passionate advocate for disaster relief and a champion for building resilient communities. As a Trainer of Trainers for Disaster Relief , she equips others with the skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively in times of crisis. Her dedication extends beyond training. Natacha has served on the frontlines as a Chef Relief Team Member with World Central Kitchen, providing nutritious meals to those affected by disasters. She is also a boots-on-the-ground member of the Red Cross , actively participating in relief efforts.
  • Climate Action and Social Activism: Natacha recognizes the link between climate change and disasters. This fuels her commitment to climate action. She is a dedicated Climate Action Activist and a champion of Food for a Better World Activism . Additionally, she is a vocal advocate for Climate Solution Activism .
  • Rotary Club: Natacha’s commitment to service extends to her involvement in the Rotary Club. Rotary is a global network dedicated to improving lives through humanitarian service.
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