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Passionate about tourism and gastronomy, Natacha became a government representative appointed to promote the tourism in Haiti. She’s also ambassador for the Food Travel Tourism Association in New York, USA.

Natacha Gomez is letting the world discover her style of cooking as Chef T and Chef Natacha Gomez. Her cuisine ranges from the Taino’s to The New Haitian Gastronomy which is about revisiting traditional dishes with a modern twist and to promote local, fresh and organic products. Her company, INVESTA HAITI, created the label 100% Lokal, a movement to help promote buying locally sourced products to boost the region’s economy. Chef instructor and Certified Trainer of trainer for disaster Relief, she oversees operations and kitchen services for more than 25,000 a day, she also has her line of products who range from hot sauces, jams, spices, and traditional desserts. Food is not her only passion; she is deeply involved in her community by working with two women NGOs to help reduce the gender gap and empowering women.

Chef T is the founder and member of: Le festival du Café, Le Salon de la Nouvelle Gastronomie Haitienne, Co-owner of Kanowa Farms, President of AFADEM ( Aksyon Fanm Pou Demen Miyo) a women NGO, President of Women 4 Better World, Co-producer of Concours Culinaire Franco-Haitien, and Co owner of INVESTA.

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Bak Fritay :
Haitian Street Foods

Nowadays, dishes are perpetually reimagined and refined.
Street food provides the rawness and authenticity that we crave.
It gives us such comfort because it strikes a chord within us that
reminds us of home. With this cookbook, I invite you into
my own home and offer you a gateway to a key part
of the Haitian culture.
Hoping that you truly find as much joy in these recipes
that I have had in writing them.

Please, remember to keep cooking with love.

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Past Events

  • The Mango Festival
  • Taste of the Caribbean
  • Montreal en Lumiere
  • Taste Santo Domingo
  • Festival de la Mer
  • Foro Gastronomico
  • Taste of Haiti USA
  • Gout et Saveurs Lakay
  • Guest Chef series Holland America Cruise Lines
  • Rendez- vous des Réseaux Francophones
    et Francophiles d’Amérique
  • James Beard House

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Always striving to bring high Haiti’s gastronomy, culture and pride.

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.

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