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Passionate about tourism and gastronomy, Natacha is a Food Tourism Culinary ambassador based in New York, USA.

Natacha Gomez is letting the world discover her style of cooking as the Co-owner of Classy Pairings and Chef Natacha Gomez Dupuy. Classy Pairings is a catering and event company that was started by Natacha and her daughter Keisha Barrella. She also offers her services as a wine specialist. She holds close both her identity as a Haitian immigrant and an American citizen. Natacha was a former Tourism Coordinator for the Historical National Parc in Haiti as well as a delegate of International Relations for Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism in the United States.

Her cuisine ranges from the Native American to The New Caribbean Gastronomy which is about revisiting traditional dishes with a modern twist and promoting local, fresh, and organic products. Though Chef Natacha loves breathing new life into classics, she sought to preserve traditional Haitian recipes with her book “Bak Fritay”. Bak Fritay is the Winner 2020 of the World Gourmet Cookbook Awards, the book highlights Haitian street food for all to enjoy. Her company, the label 100% Lokal, is a global movement to help promote buying locally sourced products to boost and promote sustainable living.

Chef instructor, Certified Trainer of trainers for Disaster Relief, and Historical Food researcher. She also has a line of products that range from hot sauces, jams, spices, and traditional desserts. Chef Natacha combined her love of food and advocacy as she is called an Eativist and works with various organizations linked to the United Nations to promote Good food for people and the planet. She is deeply involved in her community by working with several women’s NGOs to help reduce the gender gap and empower women.

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We specialize in creating unforgettable culinary experiences for events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings of 2 to large-scale celebrations for up to 5,000 guests.

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Colorful Caribbean :
The coloring book about the beauty and diversity of the Caribbean

This coloring book invites you to explore the colorful and vibrant life of kids in the Caribbean. You will see how they enjoy playing, learning, and spending time with their families and friends. You will also discover the beauty of some of the Caribbean islands, their culture, and their language. This book is not only fun but also educational. It has some pages for parents to join their kids in coloring and spark conversations and creativity. It also has some pages for teachers to use in the classroom and introduce their students to the Caribbean through the different scenes and words. This book is also a way to give back to the community. Part of the profits will go towards educational activities at some schools in the Caribbean by the author and guests.

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Bak Fritay :
Haïtian Street Foods

Nowadays, dishes are perpetually reimagined and refined.
Street food provides the rawness and authenticity that we crave.
It gives us such comfort because it strikes a chord within us that
reminds us of home. With this cookbook, I invite you into
my own home and offer you a gateway to a key part
of the Haitian culture.
Hoping that you truly find as much joy in these recipes
that I have had in writing them.

Please, remember to keep cooking with love.

Our Services

Nationally & Internationally Recognized Catering: We cater to events across the US and internationally, bringing a world of flavors to your table.

Event Customization: We craft personalized menus and experiences to suit your vision and dietary needs.

Scalable Expertise: Whether it’s a small birthday party or a grand corporate event, we have the resources and experience to cater flawlessly.

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Beyond Catering

In addition to exceptional catering services, Natacha Gomez offers a range of exciting possibilities

Collaborations: We’re open to collaborating with event planners and other industry professionals to create truly unique experiences.

Brand Ambassador Opportunities: As a cultural expert in the Caribbean, Natacha Gomez Dupuy, our founder, is available for brand ambassador partnerships.

Culinary Expertise: Natacha Gomez Dupuy is a renowned chef, food and climate activist, and cookbook author, offering valuable knowledge and insights.

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Our Products

Our products are unique. By purchasing from us,
you are supporting hundreds of women owned businesses and their families.

Past Events

  • The Mango Festival
  • Taste of the Caribbean
  • Montreal en Lumiere
  • Taste Santo Domingo
  • Festival de la Mer
  • Foro Gastronomico
  • Taste of Haiti USA
  • Gout et Saveurs Lakay
  • Guest Chef series Holland America Cruise Lines
  • Rendez- vous des Réseaux Francophones
    et Francophiles d’Amérique
  • James Beard House
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Always striving to bring high the Caribbean and Native American gastronomy, culture, and pride.

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.

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